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Red Ribbon Week 2017
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Friday, October 20, 2017
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“Your Future Is Key So Stay Drug Free”

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week at Scarborough Model Middle School the week of October 23rd-October 27th. We encourage every student to participate, however the following activities are OPTIONAL and ONLY during Red Ribbon Week.

Monday, Oct. 23th: “We are STICKING Together Against Drugs”

Faculty, staff and students wear receive red fuzzies, “The Power of Prevention”.

Tuesday, Oct. 24th: “I’m to Bright to Do Drugs”

Faculty, staff and students can wear sunglasses.

(Must come off when instructed by adults)

Write down 3 “keys” (ways) you can keep your body safe from drugs. Submitted student responses will be read over the intercom.

Wednesday, Oct. 25th: “Turn Your Back to Drugs”

Faculty, staff and students wear their shirts backwards.

Classes can view websites submitted by Counselor Williams. In addition Science classes can view DVD: “Everything About Spice Is A Lie”- A Program of the Mobile Police Department, James Barber-Chief of Police. (see Ms. Williams for the DVD)

Thursday, Oct. 26th: “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up”

Faculty, staff and students can wear mixed matched socks.

Friday, October 27th: “Do the Write Thing-Stay Away from Drugs”

Students receive Red Ribbon pencils.

Students will complete word scramble: “SMMS is Drug Free”



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