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Signature Academies
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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8th Grade Students

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Mobile County Public Schools allows students and parents school choice.  The district has 12 comprehensive high schools that are wall to wall academy schools, meaning all 10th-12th graders are associated with a career academy.  We understand this may be overwhelming to parents and students when trying to select a high school, which is why we host the Signature Academy Showcase as the "one stop shop" for parents and students of 7th and 8th graders.  Parents and students can meet with representatives and students from each school, as well as, representatives from the Career Tech Centers, Augusta Evans, Student Services, Athletics, Transportation, and Special Education to name a few. Feel free to drop in and have your questions answered regarding your student transitioning into high school. 

  When: October 24, 2017 from 4:30 pm-6:30 pm 

Where: Mitchell Center, University of South Alabama's Campus

The Signature Academy application will be available from October 24th through January 31st. The application is on our district's website, I want to apply for....signature academy. The following information has been provided by Kristi July, Signature Academy Coordinator.


  1. Students that are zoned for Baker High School and are interested in the AP Capstone Academy NEED TO complete the online application in order to be considered for acceptance into the academy.


  1. Students that are zoned for Bryant High School NEED TO complete the online application for their Cambridge Academy.


  1. Students that are zoned for Murphy High School NEED TO complete the online application for their Murphy University Academy.


  1. Students that are zoned for Davidson High School NEED TO complete the online application for the EPIC and IB Academy.


  1. Student athletes must sit out a year if they are accepted to a Signature Academy unless they are in the IB program.

In addition, Ms. Williams, SMMS counselor, is working to arrange times for the signature academy specialists to speak with our 8th grade students in the upcoming weeks.This is a great opportunity for your child to explore career paths in high school. Feel free to contact Ms. Williams at 251.221.2323 or  Also Kristi July can answer your concerns as well, 251.221.4054 or


Looking forward to our 8th grade students applying to the signature academies.


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